Design Conference Brochure

During my semester abroad in New Zealand, I was briefed on creating a Design Conference based on a possible design issue. I chose to work with the idea of Design Ethics. My piece is a double sided brochure that folds out into a long horizontal poster. Click here for PDF version

Social Issue Tri-Fold

For this project I was assigned to create a six-panel spread based on a social issue; mass food production was my topic. We were required to use imagery juxtaposed with type to express a view on the issue at hand. The spread is double sided and folded as a tri-fold. 

IDN Magazine Cover Design

For this project we had to create a magazine cover and back page for IDN magazine. We had to follow the artistic techniques of one of the artists discussed in class. I choose the artist David Carson, and used his technique of experimental type.

Information Design

We were assigned to look at something in our lives, and keep track of it for two weeks. I chose to keep track of my anxiety level, mood, locations, people and more to see how they affect my anxiety. We then presented our findings in a number of graphs and charts, on a concept driven poster. I went along with a frenetic, darker color palette and chaotic concept. 

United Nations Poster Design

As a class we all were given a different topic of which the model UN team representing Portugal had a specific stance. We were required to properly portray this stance on a poster that would hang in the hall of the UN offices. We used a macro/micro design approach when portraying the topic. The copy reads: 

Recruitment of young Muslims from Portugal into the ranks of the terrorist group ISIS grows everyday, largely through the manipulative use of mass media and the Internet. Returning to the home country from training in the Middle East, newly radicalized ISIS terrorists who carry legal Portuguese passports represent the single greatest threat to our safety at home. Among its victims are Portuguese citizens of the Islamic faith who disagree both with ISIS' murderous tactics and with a return to the most brutal forms of Sharia law. Portugal knows that the hatred and terrorism spread by ISIS do not reflect the beliefs of the overwhelming majority of peace-loving Muslims in our country, let alone around the world. Help stop this slaughter by not being part of it.

Ensight Spread

This spread was made for a school magazine called ENsight. The Magazine is a student run graphic design magazine. The topic of this specific edition was dreams and nightmares. I chose to depict Freuds many dream theories