Many people can get swept up in the emotional act of welcoming a dog into the family, and be blind to the reality of providing for this canine companion. SPEAKs mission is to educate, inform and provide owners with up to date information on the reality of dog ownership. Access to this information will help reduce the amount of dogs relinquished by their owners to shelters every year.

Every year over 4 million dogs find themselves in animal shelters. While a majority of these dogs are homeless or taken from abuse homes, a shocking 30% are relinquished by their owners. Here at SPEAK we have made it our mission to address those owners who mean well, but run into issues, both environmental and behavioral, when raising, or rescuing a dog. These deal breaking problems can be as unpredictable as an illness, or as common as moving. We want to educate those people looking to take the next step, and welcome a dog into the family. We want to make sure they know exactly what they are getting into, and how to handle different situations. Every person has their dog, and every dog has their person. We pride ourselves in presenting valuable information about 300+ breeds that potential owners can have access to, and match to their lifestyle. We are the dog owner database. Read or download the process book here


Reaching out to Shelters, Breeders, and store owners. 


Working with shelters, breeders and various pet stores, we can help educate people at the beginning of their search for a family pet. By providing them with beautifully designed and easily understood information for free, we can hopefully inform people on the real price that cute shepherd puppy in the window could cost you. With the Breed Booklets we can get specifically detailed on each breed. Even if a dog is mixed, but the shelters knows a part of its breed, the Booklet Card can give some information on what they might be getting, although it is not 100%  guaranteed. Breed Booklets come with Cards, each one is easily ripped out, to be taken home. There is a perforated section, where the viewer can rip off a bookmark, further encouraging people to continue further research on their breed of choice. 


The problem, a solution and an organization.


Read up on my research, solving process, and development of a proposed organization.                 Download or read the book here.