Baskerville Study

The assignment for this project, was to research a popular Typeface, and create two pieces. One was illustrated type containing a short essay of what we had discovered about our type. I chose to illustrate my essay in the form of the Baskerville Q since I found it was one of the most interesting aspects of the font face as well as my favorite letter-type. The second design needed to be a typeface style sheet, using segments of our essay, and showing the variety of weights the font provided.

Illustrating With Type

During this project we took the writing from a section of a book and used type to illustrate the story. I choose to illustrate the Brothers Grimm story about Hansel and Gretel, picking the section where the mother is discussing how her and her husband can get ride of the children.

Typeface Design

For this project, we were required to create our own typeface, and design a poster to go along with the font, demonstrating it’s characteristics. I choose to create a more jagged, san-serif font.